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My earliest memories involve an awareness of play in the world around me. Wonder. Once I gained the ability to speak, questions about how and why things changed weren't answered—at least not in ways I understood.

In winter, the sky poured miraculous snowflakes and cold changed puddled water into brittle lace sculpture. Spring brought life’s pulse, breaking through smooth wood branches. Incredibly tender buds, coaxed by early sun, crowded first blades of grass. Summer’s heady joy filled all my senses: I celebrated totally, plunging deep into water at lakes, rivers, pools. And fall changed, as if overnight, overhanging leaves with a palette dominated in reds and yellows. Indian Summer, mom called it.

The creative process involves taking in, and then release, as with breathing: in-spiration. We open to ideas, shape them to words, music, art, inventive ways of approach. Innovation refines thought, and fresh eyes reveal patterns that cycle through time.


"All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions."  —  Leonardo da Vinci

"An idea is a feat of association."  —  Robert Frost

"If the entire is to feed your soul, then in the littlest you must see the whole."  —  Goethe

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I offer generative, hands-on activities in small group settings. These include interactive writing sessions, keynote speaking, calligraphy, arts and crafts and one-on-one editing. Want to work together?

Original images are available for sale. For more information, please contact me.