A Fresh Slice…but no pie. But do come back, this is the season made of pies: the pumpkin, the pecan, the harvested apple pies. Sweet potato, too.

For now, this blustery day without rain, the wind clears its throat in preparation for what’s coming. As Aunt Lola used to say, “All signs fail in dry weather.”

I’m thinking about the predictions and promises we hear—and make. Several deadlines cluster upon me, as if by surprise, their terse descriptions holding place in my iPhone calendar. (Yep—today’s a big anniversary, and I have two appointments later, two more tomorrow and THEN perhaps we’ll celebrate. Barring the unforeseen.)

Leaning into commitments from others we trust can be risky. In its highest form, as I see it, belief in a clear vow is, in itself, a gift. “I trust you will do as you say.” Imagine!

More commonly, people train us to weigh the potential merit of their promises. That can make for a rugged and steep learning curve. It calls for delicate balance: better to suspend belief, or suspend disbelief?

“Trust in God, but row for the shore” makes good sense. And it’s good to know who’s in the boat with us. Anything can happen, and often does.

Inside the Sturm und Drang rattling America just now, I’ll resist bitterness and guard my heart. Hope you’ll find a way to do the same.


Christopher Simon