Pizza High

Mid-November 2016. The festive press of promo about the coming holiday season is not helpful. Images of a perfect turkey, puffy dinner rolls and the rest bring zero comfort.

I usually can come up with a hundred reasons to be grateful, in nearly all circumstances. Now, I struggle. Thanksgiving’s on the horizon, treasured time with family, yet I catch myself staring into space, unconsciously wiping tears from my cheeks.

The psychic eclipse hits so many people just now. Words of comfort during a call with a loved one recently came slowly. Whatever was said needed to be substantial, true and keen enough to penetrate murky realities.

“Don’t forget, the sun will reach what’s alive and growing in you,” I said. “Let the sun reach your heart.”

That followed “Hold steady,” and other handy phrases around hope. Left unsaid, unrecognized: my own knee-jerk, unconscious response to the two a.m. news broadcast on the ninth. Insomnia, walks in my surrounding woods (defying hunting season), tidying up here and there, revealed that parts of me had shut down.

There were heaped cheesy nachos for late meals. A pan of brownies sits on the kitchen counter, complete with thick mocha buttercream frosting. My coffee mug stays full.

I re-read Neil Gaiman’s “Ocean at the End of the Lane” quickly, yearning for a practical magick to undo the great American wrong. There’s a monster in a tower, with paperdoll family animated by entitlement and greed. How can that jive with the will of the people?


Okay, that’s it. Here’s something so much better, you should try it!

Evansville Indiana,  Azzip Pizza,  several locations. You tell ‘em what you like, they create ‘n bake on the spot. Here’s mine: basil-pesto and marinara sauce base, two cheeses, bacon, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, peppers, onions, shakes of chili pepper. Astonishing.

Feed yourself well, spirit and body!


Christopher Simon