Did the sun and moon move for you, last month? Yeah, me too. I particularly loved the shadow crescents, scattered across the ground, our bodies, all earth-bound surfaces. 

But given more recent happenings, that globe-crossing eclipse has itself been eclipsed. Nonetheless, here’s a salute to the event. Remember these sugar bombs? Here’s my recall. High school lunches, off-campus in the rural South, built of Moon Pie and a Yoo-Hoo! Another choice: ‘Bama Pies – gooey pecan mini-treats. 





Conversely, the image at left suggests a favorite for many sweet- lovers: Neapolitan—good ol’ chocolate, vanilla and strawberry combo! In my family, growing up, we battled our metal scoops to retrieve the chocolate ice cream. The envelope-flap closure of the waxy cardboard box collapsed after secret late-night raids. A crusty pink cliff, choppy white median strip and mere corner of brown ice cream remained, by the time Mom discovered our dessert assaults. Chirpy encouragement spoken while the last scoops plopped into our bowls: “But you love strawberry…”

Planet-glazing events prompt the Neapolitan reference. The word refers to Naples, and its people—originally in Italy and also in southwest Florida. “Our” Naples and its surrounds reels to recover normalcy, post-Hurricane Irma. Power won’t be restored, gulfcoast residents are told, until after the 20th of the month, more than two weeks after Irma made landfall on Florida’s west coasts. The Keys are mostly unrecognizable; Miami’s flooding exceeds all historical records. 

I’m still processing these recent events, the eclipse and the hurricane. I have no summary sentence here, except: let’s do what we can to help those who need us. Everywhere. Simple enough solution, and plenty sufficient for a lifetime.


Christopher Simon