Pi Pie

Reality pie. Mmm-mmm!

March fourteenth is National Pi Day ! I’ve been off pastry, but may indulge—and encourage you to celebrate however you choose!

I’ve been reluctant to write much, and limited other creative efforts to small-scale fiber projects, of late. “Dragging my feet” has taken on new meaning, due to the restraint of a wrecked knee. The meniscus tore some time ago, along with lateral insults and bone bruises. Lit and confirmed by x-rays, after other treatment didn’t work, it’s the Doc’s order.

The Ides of March —the fifteenth of the month—significant in ancient Rome, and not just for Julius Caesar, is D-day. I’ll be submerged, unconscious, during my first major surgery. Preparation’s been thorough; recovery will be lengthy.

But a friend pointed out, it’s pretty miraculous to access body-shop replacement for an actual body. Knee joint repair has refined markedly since the early 1970’s. People who undergo the procedure cite wide-ranging outcomes. So it goes.

“Creativity takes courage,” Henri Matisse said. And with most new endeavors comes discomfort, if merely through accommodating the new: fresh perspectives, added responsibility, changes welcomed and others not so much.

With this writing, I’m breaking free from stunned silence, ahead of this milestone. That’s a first step, wobbly but determined.

Hope you’ll roll right on through to the seventeenth— St. Pat’s Day —feet a-flying!

Slainte: Good Health! / Cheers!

Erin Go Bragh: Ireland Forever!


Christopher Simon